Graph schema is partially updated

I have installed GT on CentOS7.5, at start, port 9000 in use, so I changed it to 9090, Nginx goes fine. Then I went to Studio to create schema, but the schema could not be updated(a message box showed content is as this title). I checked logs that both Admin and RESTPP show:Graph test1 failed to get end points. List endpoints files failed. rc:kNotFound
what’s wrong with it?

are you starting schema creation from scratch? What of you create new graph?

First, create a new graph ‘test1’ from ‘Global View’ menu, and use it,
then begin to design schema, it was just a single simple vertex type with one attribute ,
and click the icon “Publish Schema”, then comes a white message box says:
“Error: … Current graph version 0 Aborting Schema Change…”
and there is also a gray box blew says:" Graph schema is partially updated"

and my TG version is 3.5.3

can you check with wget that nginx is really listening on port 9090 ?

curl -X GET "http://localhost:9090/endpoints?builtin=true" 

Yes, it returns some restful api samples.
The change I made like this:
it seems lack of GUI_CONNECTION_TYPE.

how exactly did you changed the port? using gadmin or just changing nginx settings in conf file?

Like you said other day:
you will need to download nginx template from here How to create an NGINX configuration template (3.x and above) : Customer Success and change RESTPP.NginxPort parameter (Configuration parameters :: TigerGraph Server)

then you problem is somewhere else. can you please check your disk space? (df -h)

/dev/mapper/centos-home 67G 18G 50G 27% /home