Graph Data Science & Analytics | Minnesota Meetup Event

Minneapolis | Surly Social

Friday, June 10, 2022
5:30 PM to 7:30 PM CDT

Surly Brewing Co.

520 Malcolm Ave SE · Minneapolis, MN

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FREE Beer & Pizza - Sponsored by TigerGraph

Lets Connect In-Person!
With summer around the corner what better time to get outside and enjoy the weather at Surly Brewing?! Come and enjoy a cold-brew on a spacious patio and meet Graph Data Science and Analytics users throughout the local community.

Network with others who share a common passion for Graph Data Science and Analytics. Share your own personal experiences and gain insight on how other companies throughout the Twin Cities are leveraging Graph Data Science and Analytics to empower their business.

About Us
Our goal is to democratize graphs by discussing and exploring technologies that empower fraud prevention, personalized recommendation, supply-chain optimization, and other analysis capabilities found in today’s most critical enterprise applications.

Gartner Research identified graph database and analytics as a key technology in a recent report, Top 10 Data and Analytics Trends That Will Change Your Business. Gartner forecasts that “Graph analytics will grow in the next few years due to the need to ask complex questions across complex data, which is not always practical or even possible at scale using SQL queries.”

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