Graph Data Base with BERT Emedding attributes and taking cosine similiarity

I want to include in my recommender system the BERT embeddings, built on some product descriptions. I wonder how I can do this with Tigergraph on tgcloud free tier.

The idea is to upload the embeddings into the vertex attribute (unless someone has a better suggestion). I am facing 2 issues

  1. how can i do this with tgcloud free tier, not having access to gsql on my local machine. when I try to upload the file via the GUI/drag and drop, i have issues of not uploading the bert vector as a file with eventually leads to the whole vector being uploaded as a string.
  2. how would i take the consine simillartiy function on the vectors, once i manage to upload them properly, I would think i need to write an UDF but it seems like this is not possible on tgcloud ? so can I do it at all?

Thanks for any feedback