GPE Service Status via REST end point on TG 3.1.3

How to get the status of services (GPE, GSQL) etc in TG version 3.1.3 via rest endpoint like this one available in version 3.5.2

POST: /informant/current-service-status

@kapilsaini I’m looking through the legacy documentation, but it seems to not be listed in older versions of TigerGraph.

An alternative would be to run gadmin status but i’m assuming you’re looking for an easy endpoint to hit to monitor the status versus this way.

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Yes, @Jon_Herke I wanted a rest end point for the interfacing application to check status of TG before triggering certain data ingestion and processing. I could see that documented for more recent versions but missing in earlier 3.1.3 version.

@kapilsaini It’s seems to be a new feature. Would you like me to conduct any follow ups?

Hi @Jon_Herke we are good with this feature available in more recent versions…but wanted a work around in earlier versions… any how we can have a simple GSQL running some basic functionality and success response from that GSQL can be read as if GPE/GSE is up and running. Wanted to see if there is some existing end point that could be leveraged.

@kapilsaini You could use the monitor system metrics /datapoints endpoint. I’ve opened up an “inspect” view on my browser. You can see here it’s providing service level state information.


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