Gpe_auto_start_add2cron script

The TigerGraph Platform runs on standard, commodity-grade Linux servers. The core components (GSE and GPE) are implemented in C++ for optimal performance. TigerGraph system is designed to fit into your existing environment with a minimum of fuss.

under: /home/tigergraph/.gsql , there is a script that responsible to auto start GPE down component. my question is what is the script ? and is there an issue to create custom auto start script without that trigger script?

Hi @skostika ,

It’s OK not to use these auto-start script, which is actually running gadmin status commands to check service status and trigger gadmin start commands to bring them up if the service is down. It’s totally fine to create custom script to monitor the services status and bring them up.

You can remove the cronjob if it’s not needed.