Ghost graph: can't be created or dropped

My db is in a strange state that it has this non-existent graph (i.e. not showing up in ls) which I can’t use the name to create a graph nor can I drop it (see the log below). Is there anyway to fix this other than “drop all”?

GSQL > ls
---- Global vertices, edges, and all graphs
Vertex Types:
Edge Types:

User defined tuples:
  - testResults (Id VERTEX, score DOUBLE)

JSON API version: v2
Syntax version: v1

GSQL > create graph xgraph_y()
Semantic Check Fails: The graph name conflicts with another type or existing graph names! Please use a different name.
The graph xgraph_y could not be created!
GSQL > drop graph xgraph_y
The graph xgraph_y could not be found or dropped!
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@jimwu The team is looking into this to reproduce. Will get back to you soon!

Was this resolved?
I have the same issue