Getting error while creating a new graph


I getting error while creating a new graph or publishing changes in existing graph. I am using the free tigergraph docker image.

Using the installation process of free tigergrpah image mentioned here: Get Started with Docker :: TigerGraph Server

Below is the error :

tigergraph error Successfully created schema change jobs: [local_schema_change_1191932641]. The job local_schema_change_1191932641 is created. Kick off schema change job local_schema_change_1191932641 Doing schema change on graph ‘NEW_GRAPH’ (current version: 0) Trying to add local vertex ‘NODE1’ to the graph ‘NEW_GRAPH’. Trying to add local vertex ‘node1’ to the graph ‘GRAPH’. Trying to add local edge ‘HAS_NODE1’ to the graph ‘NEW_GRAPH’. Schema change failed due to services not ready


@Jon_Herke : I saw your comments in couple of issues, can you help why I am getting this issue

Can you share the info with gadmin status?

It looks like that some of services is offline.

Hi here is the screenshot. I tried to attach… plesse let me know if its not visible.

It looks GPE and GSE are all down, so it is expected you can make a schema change.
Please follow @Jon_Herke 's suggestion in another post first.
If it is not working, you might need to dig further into the logs such as GPE, GSE and EXE.

Can you help me with debugging on the same? I do not have much idea on the same as I am exploring it as of now.

Solution link: GSE is down when load larger graph - #2 by Elliot_Martin