Get All Endpoint Queries

Hello, how to get a list of all query endpoints TigerGraph in python?

Once you set up your connection to the database, you can use the getEndpoints() function: Schema Functions :: pyTigerGraph.

Hope this helps!

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Hi @Parker_Erickson

Trying to fetch all end points via curl command.
I generated a toked for one of the graph and tried doing below but I am getting token error (Is there a way for generating token as admin user instead of generating for each graph)

curl -X GET -H "Authorization: Bearer xxxxxx....xxxxx" ''
{"version":{"edition":"enterprise","api":"v2","schema":232},"error":true,"message":"Access Denied because the input token = 'xxxxxx....xxxxx' cannot be found","code":"REST-10016"}

Hi @pramod.dba31. This appears to be a documentation bug, and you have to specify the graph to get the endpoints for it, e.g.:

curl -X GET -H "Authorization: Bearer xxxxxx....xxxxx" ''

Overall, you cannot define a global token.
Hope this helps!


I tried as you suggested but still I am getting the same error.
I also tried dropping the token and created new token and tried, but same issue.

@Parker_Erickson I tried again, but this time I am not getting any output. It just runs for ever with out any output.

Hmmm. Can you open a ticket about this @pramod.dba31 ? Thanks!