Geospatial tigergraph

Hi @Xinyu_Chang ,
I saw this webinar for geospatial integration

But I am unable to find out the documentation or library for geospatial which are required to set up on my Tgcloud and I require Front end code as well which is used in this webinar
This will also gives 404 not found
Please help me out

Please try this link below
ecosys/demos/guru_scripts/geospatial_search at master · tigergraph/ecosys (

However, atm, there is no straight forward way of installing UDF C++ to the cloud.

Please check.

Thanks for your response
This tar ball solution which is on gitHub that solution is for 2.2.4 version ?
I have 3.1.3 TG version
because this gives me an error
supported version for migration is 3.0.x, input version is 2.2.4

In this case you may have to extract the contents from the 2.2.4 package and paste it to your current TG solution.