Feature Request - New loading Job Function to read not-standard datetime format

I’m trying to load a data file that has the date formatted as: m/d/yyyy, If I try to load this field into a Vertex that has an attribute of datetime, I receive an error. The only acceptable format is: YYYY-MM-DD, thus this limitation require me to reformat my data, which in not practical since it could be huge data set.

I would like to request a new job loading gsql function to allow reading in different datetime formats by specifying the format of the datetime as part of the function.

Ex: gsql_dateformat($0, “mm/dd/yyyy”)

The assumption that the gsql_datefomat() function would be able to read either a date of: 3/8/2024, or 03/08/2024 and create a standard datetime object type. This would be a tremendous help in processing nonstandard date formatted files.