Feature Idea - toggle to disable deleting vertexes and edges from the Explore Graph pane

I have heard of several occurrences of a fairly new person accidentally deleting data from Graph Studio. The common pattern seems to be that you are traversing through data using the Explore Graph pane, and you want to clear some selections, and you click the Delete button instead of the Hide button. Even though there is a confirmation required, this mistake has been made several times by people that incorrectly think they are just deleting it from their view.

I humbly suggest that there should be an option to disable this, since for an established schema, you would seldom want to delete data using the Explore Graph pane.

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Hi Mark,

While I think that this part of the user interface could be implemented in clearer way (e.g. better tooltip wording or different icons), the warning that “1 selected vertices and 0 selected edges will be deleted from the database” is very clear. Unintentionally deleting graph component(s) after this warning (especially more than once) is a user error.

But there is already a way to disable the delete functionality by creating a separate user and granting queryreader role to it. The user will be able to explore the graph but not add or delete anything.