Faster REPL for creating and testing queries

Hi is there any way to create a query without optimising and creating endpoints?

I’d like to do rapid cycles of editing and testing, without having to wait a minute between each change.

How does everyone else do it?



Hi Rene,

There is an “interpreted” mode to run the queries without installing them. However, it has some limitations and might cost more time to return the result. It is recommended to install the query for full features and performance.

To use interpreted mode, simply run the query with “interpret query query_name(parameters)” instead of “run query query_name(parameters)“ in gsql client.


Hi Jon,

Is it possible to run an interpreted query in Graph Studio or is this only via GSQL shell?

Thank you,

@tushad The new version of TigerGraph 3.0 WILL support “Interpreted Queries” in GraphStudio. The launch of 3.0 will be approximately ~1month from today.

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This is my favourite feature of TG3.0 :grinning:

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