Failed to Import Solutions from Starter Kits

Hi All,

Im new in TigerGraph, and I am interested with TigerGraph StarterKits about “Cybersecurity Threat Detection-IT”.

Then I downloaded the solutions and try to import that to my VM free TigerGraph but got the error “failed to import graph”. Any idea how to check it?


It seems like you are trying to load a starter kit onto your local TigerGraph instance (i.e. not TG Cloud)

Could you provide some additional information about the characteristics your setup?

Off the top of my head, when exporting and importing solutions, the source and target versions of your solution need to be exactly the same (the solution you are importing and your host GraphStudio must be running on the same TG framework). This is what may be causing your issue.

For clarification, GraphStudio supports auto-migrating solutions from TigerGraph version 3.0.x to 3.1.0+.