Execute gsql script outside tigergraph container via docker exec

Hello Tg Team,

When testing out the tigergraph docker container, I was thinking of executing gsql script outside tigergraph container, something like - docker exec -u tigergraph <tg_container_id> bash -c “gsql gsql_script.gsql”, but I got the error - “gsql command not found”. Is there a way to fix the error?


An update for my problem:

Now I am using the commad:

$docker exec -u tigergraph <tg_container_id> \
            bash -c \ 
           "su tigergraph && /home/tigergraph/tigergraph/app/cmd/gsql -g <graph_name> gsql_script.gsql"

gives me error

Please provide a Identifier.

Note that my gsql_script.gsql runs properly from inside the tg container under user tigergraph, and also when I am not running a gsql script but a single command the above docker exec code works, for example,

$docker exec -u tigergraph <tg_container_id> \
            bash -c \ 
           "su tigergraph && /home/tigergraph/tigergraph/app/cmd/gsql ls"

shows the graph and schema info as expected.