Download specific version of docker image as a daemon gives error (I want 3.1.3)

Here the command which I am using (I mention 3.1.3 in the command)
and i created an empty directory (in this way on my local system D:/official/data/containerdata)
docker run -d -p 14022:22 -p 9000:9000 -p 14240:14240 --name tigergraph3.1.3 --ulimit nofile=1000000:1000000 -v D:/official/data/containerdata:/home/tigergraph/mydata -t

After successful download of (half an hour) I am getting this error:
Error response from daemon: invalid mode: /home/tigergraph/mydata

80bce60046fa: Pull complete 55a738a15540: Pull complete e19cf0706c62: Pull complete de4cdd6c27d1: Pull complete 846ac49b2f12: Pull complete f3b1d48e7a01: Pull complete Digest: sha256:8a3f2e51520e52a553d74c779f41dd466682a1ab9e618b0a73f757313f953a53 Status: Downloaded newer image for docker: Error response from daemon: invalid mode: /home/tigergraph/mydata

Can you please help me out (this is urgent)

and one question more if we have a (tarball of any solution) so how we can identify that this solution for which version?

@pkr2 since you are using Windows, try to put the volume mount in quotes:
“-v D:/official/data/containerdata:/home/tigergraph/mydata”

The error message you get is becouse -v parameter is not parsed properly.


Thanks @Bruno_Simic its working , Thanks for saving my time
and one more query I have
if we have a (tarball of any solution) so how we can identify that this solution for which version? I think so I have a tarball of 3.1.3 version which I exported when my demo set up on server (Azure VM 16.04) and now I am using Docker in my local PC (Windows 10) tg setup 3.1.3 its showing failed to import Graph and when I check the logs here below what i see
DownloadCatalog error rc : kNotFound

E1029 09:07:26.965149 31551 gsql_service.cpp:266] DownloadCatalog error while reading: 1/codegen, rc : kNotFound I1029 09:07:27.770335 5551 gsql_service.cpp:591] Notify RESTPP DSCDrain successfully. I1029 09:07:28.596911 5551 gsql_service.cpp:591] Notify GPE DSCDrain successfully. I1029 09:07:29.452540 5551 gsql_service.cpp:591] Notify GPE DSCValidation successfully. I1029 09:07:30.295028 5551 gsql_service.cpp:591] Notify GSE DSCValidation successfully. I1029 09:07:31.695107 5551 gsql_service.cpp:591] Notify GPE DSCApply successfully. I1029 09:07:32.322103 5551 gsql_service.cpp:591] Notify RESTPP DSCApply successfully.

I checked my Graph studio all graphs are came graph styles are
totally shuffled and mapping with data its not there

@Prince you can extract tar.gz file and then you’ll find a file

You can unzip it and check the gsql files in it.

They can be imported manually using gsql CLI:.
gsql folder/DBImportExport_YourDBname.gsql