Does TigerGraph support RSS feeds?

Does TigerGraph (the company) support RSS feeds? I would love to add TigerGraph Announcements to my News aggregator :wink:

If not, would you consider publishing a few:

  • Company Announcements
  • Dev Community topics
  • Feature Requests

Kind Regards,

Mitch DeFelice

Hi Mitch (@demit733) great question! I had to explore myself. The end result ended in a no. But I will ask the TigerGraph team that manages the website to see if it’s an easy fix to enable.

The community does have an rss feed:
Latest posts:
Latest topics:

If you want to get extra fancy you could use NLP/NLU (Natural Language Processing / Natural Language Understanding) to create a knowledge graph of the community forum.

Then you can get even fancier with using Google News RSS. Here is an RSS feed on TigerGraph News listed by Google: