Does LIST<> have methods such as length?

I’m having a hard time finding the documentation for what you can do with a List<> variable. Does it have std::vector-like methods such as length, empty, and clear?

In my specific case, I have a vertex attribute which is a List, and I’d like to find all the vertices for which the attribute hasn’t been set yet – that is, for which the vector is empty, something like the following:

CREATE QUERY count_empty_vecs() FOR GRAPH MyGraph {
SumAccum @@count;
population = {patients.*};
s = SELECT p FROM population:p
WHERE p.vec.size() < 1 # or p.vec.empty()?
ACCUM @@count += 1;
PRINT @@count;


.size() seems to work, a lucky guess. Answered my own question, but leaving this post up for others. It would be nice to add to the documentation, along with whatever else we can do with LIST.



@dliddell Thank you for contributing this for others that might run into this question.