Dockerized version of TigerGraph Developer Edition?


Is anyone here aware of dockerized distribution of the developer edition?

It would isolate the dependencies and make the installation much easier.

An additional benefit would be the developers could work/try the product on any operating system that supports docker (probably even on Windows) :wink:



Hi Karol,

We are considering it. Thanks for the suggestion. Meanwhile, please let us know if you have issues when doing the native installation.



Looks like not only did you consider it - you did it! And it works great.

Next, follow up question - are there any tricks or tips for getting the graph algorithms to work inside the docker container? It seems I’m having some permissioning issues running them inside of the docker instance.


Can you share the steps you are making and the errors/results you are getting?


  1. I was able to get the Docker image downloaded and set up and then created and loaded a small graph (called MyGraph).

  2. I then grabbed the graph algorithms from your github repo GitHub - tigergraph/ecosys: TigerGraph Ecosystem

  3. I then copied the graph_algorithms folder from my host machine into the docker container using guidance here

  1. from inside the docker container I see the folder graph_algorithms that I copied

  1. When I go into the graph_algorithms folder and attempt to run the script, I can see the graph (MyGraph) that I created with Graph Studio. It also sees the vertices and edges so I believe that part is all working correctly. However it fails in trying to create files on the file system.

From reading the shell script I believe it’s trying to create new files based on the name of the graph you’re trying to install the algorithms for. I notice that the graph_algorithms folder is a different user and I’m unable to chmod +w to the folders to give the tigergraph user write access to create the files nor can I sudo to do so. So my hunch is that the issue is something with respect to how I moved the graph_algorithms into the docker container or it’s ability to write to the file structure.

Hope this helps!

Brian Hall



Docker cp has a limitation on setting the permissions of the files copied. The following command can resolve the issue:

docker exec -u 0 tigergraph chown -R tigergraph:tigergraph /home/tigergraph/graph_algorithms

Thank you - this worked perfectly but did expose a follow up question: do any of the algorithms work in the developer edition? I looks like I need enterprise but I don’t see anything specific to the algorithms in the documentation.

Distributed mode is only supported in enterprise edition hence do not choose it when you’re installing the algorithm libraries. There should be no other limitations on the GSQL language itself when it’s installed in Single Mode.

Please refer to for more details on the differences between TigerGraph Developer Edition and Enterprise Edition.