Determine if "REST++ authentication" is enabled

What command to I use to determine if REST++ authentication is enabled?

Thank you

You could simply send a REST request without providing credentials and see whether it is accepted or returns and authorization error.

Such as
curl -X GET “http://localhost:9000/echo

Thank you. I was in the process of rewriting the question, but you’re too quick in the response.

In my data access layer I want to collect information about the TG security configuration such as:

  1. Is authentication enabled? (your response was "GET “http://localhost:9000/echo” "

  2. Is userName and passWord required. How do I get this?

  3. maybe more later if can think of it.

is there an answer for #2?

thank you

The username and password should be the actual database username and password (i.e. there is no separate user management for the REST API.)