Dec. 13th - 18th Weekly Updates: Graph Algorithms and Graph Machine Learning Presentation, Exploring TigerGraph Solutions, TigerGraph 101 Part III, and More!

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:video_camera: Latest How-To Videos

Dr. Victor Lee - Graph Algorithms & Graph Machine Learning: Making Sense of Today’s Choices | CDW21

Hear Dr. Victor Lee’s presentation at Connected Data World. Does graph machine learning replace graph algorithms? How does graph machine learning different from other machine learning? What sort of system do I need to run these analytical techniques? This talk provides a description of these four categories of graph analytics, what sort of problems they tackle, their benefits, and their requirements. The explanations will be illustrated with examples for fraud detection, recommendation, supply chain management, and other real-world use cases.

:writing_hand: Latest Blogs

Mini blog: Exporting TigerGraph Solutions
In this blog by Ke Xu, learn how to export a schema created in GraphStudio into pyTigerGraph.

:mega: Events


[Dec. 15] Graph Gurus Webinar Series - TigerGraph 101: Schema Modeling and Data Loading - Part III
Join part three of a four-part talk on TigerGraph 101 by Dan Barkus.
Part 1 - Intro to Graph and TigerGraph (November 17 - 10 AM Pacific)
Part 2 - Data Acquisition and Graph Prep (December 1 - 10 AM Pacific)
Part 3 - Schema Modeling and Data Loading (December 15 - 10 AM Pacific)
Part 4 - Querying and Beyond (January 5 - 10 AM Pacific)

[Dec. 16] Virtual Round Table | Real-Time Threat Detection and Incident Response with Graph and Machine Learning

This virtual round table will focus on how machine learning and graph analytics work together to increase threat detection accuracy, decrease alert fatigue and false positives. It will cover:

  • New reporting rules for cyber security and other impacts on compliance
  • How to utilize watch list data and breach data in real-time with new technologies like master data matching, graph analytics, and machine learning.
  • Capabilities in visualization and human intelligence technologies that will increase throughput and provide valuable data analytics.
  • How to implement practical methods of cyber identification, complex dependency, and case management using “human-in-the-loop” technology for higher accuracy and process streamlining.

:bar_chart: Cool Data Sets

Goodreads Top 100 Classics
Create a book graph using TigerGraph and NLP. Create a graph and easily search through classics based on awards, authors, and number of pages.

Billboard Top 100 Christmas Carol Dataset
Get ready to get your carol on with this Christmas carol dataset! What are the overall best Christmas carols? Which are the most classic? Figure out this and more by creating a Christmas carol graph!

Stack Overflow Data
Build a graph-database-powered Stack Overflow and learn about the platform as a whole by creating a Stack Overflow graph. Easily find duplicate questions, find the most popular tags and most influential users, and more by creating this graph!

:hammer_and_wrench: Product Updates

The new GraphQL integration is released!

  • Read the documentation here.
  • Check out the repository here.