Data Data Loading Formats

Does the Tigergraph accept the CSV files only for data loading? Does it accept any other formats?

Hi S K,

Thanks for your question. JSON format is also supported. Please refer to user document.

Please let me know if you have any questions.


Thank you so much Xinyu Chang. For most of the case, we want to send data to the tigergraph from a relational database. Wondering, what options are out there to extract and send in the format tiger graph expects. Looks like, we should have a middle layer (intermediate programs) either to extract a csv or create a json and place it in the tigergraph server. Is there any other inbuilt feature with tigergraph to connect to the relational db or call API’s to create these input data files?

We don’t have RDB connector support out of the box for now.

You can achieve it by writing code to fetch data from your RDB then post it via REST API to TG.

Or you can set up a pipeline to dump the data to disk then load it by running a loading job.


One of the options, I think, would be applying Change Data Capture (CDC) with Kafka.

You could use something like almost out of the box. It’s job is to watch for changes in your DB and publish them to Kafka topic.

Then TigherGraph’s Kafka loader could inject the data into your graph.

That’s a very good idea. Thanks for the link, it fills in the gap we had got stuck at. We’ll definitely look into it.