Csv File Updation

Lets assume i have already uploaded and mapped the data(csv file) to certain vertices and edges . if we make any changes in the actual csv file ,does it automatically get updated in the loaded file and mapped graph ?? or we should delete the old csv file from graph studio and again upload the new edited csv file? If it wont get updated automatically , then what is the optimal solution when i have to make changes in multiple csv files.

Hi Roshan,

The CSV file in GraphStudio will no be automatically updated to the new file, and it will need to be removed and remapped.

If you’re looking for an approach that is more friendly to changing files, you can create a loading job, then dynamically call that job with any CSV file you feed in. This way you will only have to do the mapping once (creating the loading job) then can just feed in any CSVs you have that follow that format.

Check out our docs for more info on how to do that, or this video for an explanation and runthrough of how to write a loading job.