Connector issue while Running Loading Job

I am trying to load data from Azure Storage account to TigerGraph using Loading Job.
Here I have used Azure Connector to reach from TigerGraph to Azure Storage Account.

Getting below Error while running the Loading job

Failed to create connector Connector(s) in FAILED status. You can check it by ‘gadmin connector status’

Kindly help us to solve this Issue

I’m sorry to hear that you’re facing issues with the Loading Job and the Azure Connector in TigerGraph. The error message you’ve encountered suggests that there might be an issue with the connectors’ status. To troubleshoot this, I recommend the following steps:

  1. Check Connector Status: As indicated in the error message, you can use the gadmin connector status command to see the status of the connectors. This will provide more detailed information about the failed connector and might give you insights into what’s causing the issue.
  2. Connector Configuration: Double-check the configuration of the Azure Connector in your TigerGraph environment. Ensure that all the necessary credentials, endpoints, and settings are correctly configured. Any misconfiguration can lead to connection failures.
  3. Network and Firewall: Ensure that there are no network connectivity issues between your TigerGraph instance and the Azure Storage account. Also, check if any firewalls are blocking the connection.
  4. Logs and Error Details: Examine the logs and error details related to the connector in TigerGraph. These logs might provide more specific information about the underlying issue causing the connector failure.
  5. Connector Documentation: Consult the documentation or user guide of TigerGraph related to Azure Connector setup and usage. This might provide additional insights or troubleshooting steps specific to your scenario.

The error message is quite general, and the actual cause of the issue might be more specific. If you could take these steps it should help us narrow in and identify the problem.

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