Connection Issue: TigerGraph Developer and Colab


I am trying to use Colab and pyTigerGraph to connect with TigerGraph Developer; however, I failed to connect and had a KeyError: ‘error’ message.

I am able to use Colab and pyTigerGraph to connect with TigerGraph Cloud. I have the same setup except the domain name, so I suspect I use the incorrect domain names, including ‘’, ‘’, ‘http://localhost:14240’, and ‘http://localhost’.

Waiting for anyone could give me some advice to solve the connection issue.


@ydeng Can you create a copy of this Google Colab and enter your details? Afterward, can you run each cell to test if your connection works?

Can you provide any additional details? Are you getting a certain error message?

@Jon_Herke Please check the screenshot for the code and result in Colab.

@ydeng Can you run a few built-in endpoints to confirm that you can reach your solution?


GET /echo and POST /echo

These endpoints are simple diagnostic utilities, which respond with the following message if the RESTPP server is up and running.

Sample request:

GET echo/ Request and Response

curl -X GET "http://localhost:9000/echo"
    "error": false,
    "message": "Hello GSQL"

POST /echo has the same response as GET /echo.

Health check (public)

This endpoint performs a simple server health check. It listens on port 14240 and does not require authentication. If you ping it and the server is running, it will respond with the message “pong”.


GET /api/ping

Sample request:

curl 'http://localhost:14240/api/ping'
  "error": "false",
  "message": "pong",
  "results": {}

@Jon_Herke Thanks for your reply. Please check the screenshot for the results of the built-in endpoints check.