Configure CORS Response Header on Tigergraph 3.1.4


I am running TigerGraph 3.1.4 via the image offered on the Azure market place. The hardware is the one recommended in the setup guide. I am developing an application that uses a TigerGraph server and for it to work I need to enable CORS. In a previous version of TigerGraph I was able to do this via using gadmin config entry nginx.ResponseHeaders and setting [{"FieldName":"Access-Control-Allow-Origin","FieldValue":“http://foo.example"}], afterwards i applied the new configuration and restarted nginx. This however has not worked, while the Access-Control-Allow-Origin is listed under ResponseHeaders when I check it via gadmin commands the header does not show up when I echo the tigergraph server with curl and the application is unable to communicate with the server. I then tried using this but it has not worked. I even tried setting Access-Control-Allow-Origin to allow everything access to no avail. I was hoping someone here has an idea of what I could do next/sees what I am doing wrong.

Hi Max,

The nginx config template is different across versions. You may have used an outdated template from the freshdesk article. Maybe try the nginx config template for 3.1.4 here: