Clean up Graph & Data from Tigergraph

Hi May i know the method to clean up graph (data,vertax,edges) by both graph studio and GSQL cli ?

I’m not sure what you mean by ‘clean up…’ but the DROP ALL command in gsql will flush all loaded data and remove all vertex/edge schema info.

hi @atulparihar
If you are talking about just clear the data from Graph , not the schema , then I will recommend you don’t do from Graph Studio this will remove the data of other Graphs also
and Drop ALL will delete your schema and GSQL and loaded data as well this one is risky
you can use this query

all = {ANY};

results = SELECT a FROM all:a - (:e) - ANY


i am looking for some sequential clean up -

  1. Drop loading job from graph
  2. drop all queries from graph
  3. drop graph

is that possible ? using CLI

  1. Drop job: Creating a Loading Job :: Docs
  2. Drop all queries from a graph is not possible (from what I know), but I haven’t tested using a specific graph and then running drop query * or somethings similar to that.
  3. Drop graph: Defining a Graph Schema :: Docs
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