Clarification about authentication

If authentication is enabled, then there are two ways to authenticate:
• Token
• Username/Password

However, we do not have a choice on which one to use as it depends on exactly what the task is. In other words, the type of authentication is purely dependent on the task. For example (assuming authentication is enabled):

  1. http://MyURL:9000/echo > Requires token authentication
  2. http://MyURL:14240/gsql/schema?graph=… > Requires UserName/Pwd authentication

Are there any cases where either authentication can be used or is it always written in stone as to which one must be used?

Thank you

We will check with the development team and get back to you.

We researched this issue for you:

  1. All endpoints to the RESTPP server using port 9000 use token authentication.
  2. Some other endpoints, to the GSQL server, GraphStudio or Admin Portal, which use port 14240, use username+password authentication. This discrepancy is an oversight and we are working to make all of them accept token authentication.

Note: Until recently, our documentation indicated using port 8123 for the GSQL server. While this worked for single-server deployments, this does not work for clusters. You should also use port 14240 for the GSQL server.

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