Chrome caching issue with tigergraph versions

I recently got the latest version of tigergraph from docker, to increment on my previous image (3.6.1). I ran this through docker to explore some of the example_graphs with no issue, receiving a splash screen offering me a bunch of choices, one of which being graphstudio, when I accessed the port I’d forwarded to in Google Chrome - localhost:14240.

At a later point after killing and pruning the container, I used kubectl to port-forward a tigergraph instance from my organisation - hosted on AWS EKS, and using version 3.6.0. When I again accessed the port I got the same splash screen, though selecting graphstudio brought me up either a blank white screen, or a very garbled version of the graphstudio UI. I could however access it just fine on Safari; localhost:14240 would take me straight through to graphstudio.

To resolve this I opened the dev console in Chrome (F12), popped into the Network tab, ticked Disable Cache, and refreshed my localhost tab. It then brought me correctly into graphstudio as expected, where everything is working nominally.

It’s an interesting issue that I’m sure won’t hit many people, but thought worth mentioning in case someone comes across it in future.


Thanks for sharing your experience with the community, mhoskin!