Choosing end of line and enclosing character parameters when loading S3 in Graph Studio

Hello Tigergraph community.,
I can’t seem to find the right parameters for loading the S3 in Graph Studio.
Either I get the error: ‘Failed to get any sample data. Please try other parsing options or check your file’
or the contents don’t align in the preview table under the appropriate headers. I am trying to choose the correct combination of end of line and enclosing character parameters. It is a CSV file and the size is about one MB.


If it is a 1 mb file on S3, have you tried downloading the file and see if the file will load locally? If it’s enclosing characters and EOL characters that is the issue, perhaps doing it locally first would allow you to troubleshoot easier

Hi Lenny, thank you. The formatting issues were solved by fixing the EOL characters as you mentioned. I am still having an issue loading larger files (still less than 1 MB) in the S3. They won’t load but load instantly locally.