Changing the attribute types

Hi, was wondering if it’s possible to write a schema change job that would change attribute types for vertices and edges, e.g. cast from floats to ints, similar to MODIFY in sql.

If it’s not possible directly, what would be the best way to achieve this for a live db. Another way I can think of is to create a new attribute with _copy suffix, copy data across, delete old one, recreate the old one with the correct type, copy the value back from the _copy version, delete the _copy version. But I don’t see the way to do it in one sweeping motion.

Any help appreciated, thanks!

Hi Ivan,

Unfortunately, we don’t have the sweeping motion support yet. Right now it is either following the procedure in your email.

Or you can remove the old attribute and add it back with the correct type, then populate the new attribute by loading from the input data file.

I think to be able to modify is very important. I will report this to our product team and keep you updated.