Cannot access my free cluster in tgcloud

I opened GraphStudio and got this message:

You don’t currently have access to any active clusters.
Go to Clusters to manage your clusters or create a new cluster.

I created a free cluster yesterday and imported some data, however, if I go back to Clusters I don’t see any options to change. I’m logged in as the Organization Admin. What else do I need to do to access and work with the cluster?

Hi gpadvorac,

What is your email and organization name?




More info: When I setup the cluster I was able to add vertices as well as import. a few days later I was not able to access it.

Hi gpadvorac,

I saw you have created a free cluster on 3/17. Free clusters will be automatically paused after 1 hour of inactivity. However, you can resume the cluster by following this screenshot

If the cluster is not resumed after paused for 7 days, the cluster will be terminated and removed

For production use case that need the cluster to be always online, please add a credit card and create a paid cluster


Thank you. That was disabled before but i was able to resume now.