Can we use select statement with in accum or post accum?

I have requirement to select other vertex within Accum or post accum as that vertex is not linked ? so is there anyway to fire the select query with in ACCUM or POST ACCUM? Please help on this.

The ACCUM clause is used for aggregation and computation on a vertex or edge set that was previously defined.

Can you provide some more specificity around your use case and what you’re trying to accomplish in the ACCUM clause?

Do you already know what other vertex you want, or do you need to search for it?

Hi hshakoor/Lee,

As per design , There is no relationship between those two vertexes and cannot be linked. Instead, one vertex has information about other vertexes as attributes . So how to achieve this?

One possibility is to have the outer list of vertexes stored in a SetAccum, then loop thru the set with a FOREACH and look up the other vertex using the attributes