Can I create a global secret for REST api access?


My team has inherited an application that uses the TigerGraph REST api. The system is designed in such a way that each user has their own graph. Currently REST authentication is not enabled, but we would like to enable it.

My question is, can we create a global secret and then request an auth token that will provide access to all the graphs? We would rather not manage secrets for each user if we can avoid it.

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Hey, Dave! Great to have you in the community!!

As far as I know, secrets are only created for a specific user and graph. However, there is an endpoint to generate a token from each user’s username and password if you want to avoid using secrets. (However, this token will still be graph-specific.)

curl --user example_username:example_password \
     -X POST http://localhost:9000/requesttoken \
     -d '{"graph": "example_graph"}'

Hope this helps!


So simple! This is exactly what I was looking for. Thank you Shreya for the quick reply!


Hi Dave @daver,
Could you please contact me? I am the sales engineer who was assigned to Kickdynamic (through whom you inherited the app) and I am now supporting Litmus. I would like to introduce you to the customer success management representative looking after Litmus.
Szilard Barany