Backups for hardware failure risk in single-user development environment

For my single-user learning and development environment, I’m running TigerGraph in a docker container running on a Windows 10 desktop using WSL2 and Ubuntu. My environment isn’t particularly resilient (no RAID, etc.).

I want to do backups to guard against hardware failure risks, such has hard drive or motherboard failure. I read in the docs that “The current version of GBAR is intended for restoring the same machine that was backed up.” Thus, I don’t think that GBAR solves my problem.

I see that there is a Cross-Region-Replication procedure that would likely work, but it seems awfully complex for my non-production use case. Do I have any simpler options?

Hi JimBennett,

You can use the Export Current Solution functionality to export your solution as a tarball. This tarball contains your schema, data-mapping, queries, and loading jobs expressed in GSQL and can be imported into any TigerGraph solution that is the same version as the export.

This export will not include your data though. If your data is static, you can get away with just using the GSQL in the tarball to reload your data given that the data was stored/backed up elsewhere.

If you’re looking to back-up your data as well then GBAR back-up is your best option, but may not be transferable across different operating environments.

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