Automated Way to Install Multiple Queries

I wanted to run some experiments using graph algo library. It looks like the documentation for installing them is a little bit inconsistent. I’m aware I can install them manually via GSQL.

gsql-graph-algorithms/algorithms/Centrality/pagerank at master · tigergraph/gsql-graph-algorithms · GitHub refers to a tg box algos install command. However GitHub - TigerGraph-DevLabs/TigerGraph-CLI (which seems to be the the tool referred as tg) does not have a box command - at least it’s not mentioned in the respective docs.

Further tgcli docs mention a tgcli server algos command but lack an example on how to actually use it.

So my question: what is the most easy way to install multiple (or even better: all) algos in a automated way?


Hi, Grizard!

To install TigerGraph algorithms in an automated way, you can use pyTigerGraph’s featurizer functions. Here is a sample notebook!

To use the function, you will need to install pyTigerGraph with GDS functionality.

pip install pyTigerGraph[gds]

Next, create a connection (replacing the parameters to fit your solution).

import pyTigerGraph as tg 
conn = tg.TigerGraphConnection(host = "HOST", graphname = "GRAPHNAME", username = "USERNAME", password = "PASSWORD") # Replace the parameters with the connection values for your solution
conn.apiToken = conn.getToken(conn.createSecret()) # Create an API token

Finally, create a featurizer and install algorithms.

f = conn.gds.featurizer() # Create the featurizer

print(f.installAlgorithm("tg_pagerank_wt")) # Install weighted pagerank query if not already installed

Once again, check out this notebook for more in-depth examples.

Hope this helps! Good luck with your graph algorithm experimentation!

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Thanks Shreya for pointing me to the python library’s featurizer. This works well for most of the algos.

However I’ve found that specifically for

  • tg_pagerank_pers
  • tg_wcc
  • tg_wcc_small_world

the installAlgorithm does not work. Those are also not visible when using listAlgorithms(). My suspicion is the yml metadata in GitHub - tigergraph/gsql-graph-algorithms: GSQL Graph Algorithms is not correct. Is there any way to point featurizer to use another repo as base?

That is the desired functionality of listAlgorithms(). Unfortunately not all of our algorithms in the library are compatible with the featurizer functionality yet, but it is something we are working on. In an upcoming release of pyTigerGraph, we will have functionality for users to define their own queries for the featurizer to use.

In the meantime, you should be able to use the conn.gsql() functionality of pyTigerGraph as follows:

    query logic here
INSTALL QUERY query_name

Hope this helps!