Auto backup in 3.9.1

In version 3.9.0 auto backup is enable once backup is configured.

But, in 3.9.1 version seems auto backup is disabled once backup is configured.
Release Notes :: TigerGraph Server

Is there a flag or option to enable auto backup at 12 UTC automatically.

TigerGraph Cloud has automatic backups:

In self-managed TigerGraph, the database administrator directs each backup operation. SInce the command (gadmin backup create) is executed from a Linux shell, it is simple to combine with a Unix scheduling utility.

The backup being performed at midnight UTC in previous versions was a bug, not a feature.

ok thanks for the update.

@Victor_Lee This is not a bug.
I see with our latest version 3.9.1 we have option to schedule auto backup
gadmin config set System.Backup.Scheduler.Enable true

I set that to true. But backup didn’t triggered automatically.