Attribute data failed to load

I loaded data according to one of the beginning tutorials and all ran without errors, but the vertex attribute data failed to load. This is the Person data loaded from the csv file:

and this is the mapping:

and when running a query this is the data in one of the vertices:

As you can see, its missing all of it’s attribute data.

What went wrong and how do I resolve this?

Hello George,
It looks like you are using the GSQL 101 demo, is that correct?

@gpadvorac Without looking into the ras CSV file, this situation typically arises when an edge connects two primary IDs, and one of these IDs lacks associated attributes.

For instance, consider the scenario where Jake has a “friendship” with Dan. If the “person.csv” includes attributes for Jake (primary ID), but Dan is not present in the “person.csv,” and then you have the “friendship.csv” which indicates Jake’s friendship with Dan. In this case, the Vertex for Dan is created using his primary ID, but no additional metadata is added because it’s not in the “friendship.csv.”

It might be easier to see it this way. Let’s say you had two CSVs with two rows each. Once you load these two CSVs you will end up with three vertices and two edges:

Jake | male | 35 | mn
Tom | male | 40 | ca

Jake | Tom
Jake | Dan

What you would see on edges:
Jake -(friendship)-> Tom
Jake -(friendship)-> Dan

What you would see if you looked at each vertex:


  • male
  • 35
  • mn


  • male
  • 40
  • ca


Dan was created in this case because there was a “relationship” between Jake and Dan.