April 25th - 29th Weekly Updates: Graph + AI Virtual Summit, TigerGraph Connections Podcast, and More!

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:mega: 2022 Graph + AI Virtual Summit

The Graph + AI Summit is focused on accelerating analytics, AI, and machine learning with graph algorithms and will return as a global virtual event on May 24-25, 2022.

Attend the summit to

  • Learn how to accelerate analytics, AI & ML
  • Understand how to use graph algorithms with analytics, AI & ML
  • Attend hands-on workshops with other practitioners

If you are a data scientist, engineer, or architect:

  • Learn to integrate graph into your analytics & AI projects
  • Get certified on graph algorithms for ML
  • See real-world examples that use graph with AI & ML

Free Registration

:headphones: NEW! - TigerGraph Connections Podcast


Big news!! TigerGraph launched its podcast this week. It will feature guests from the company, partners, customers and graph experts from around the globe. The first 4 episodes are live!

Listen Here

:writing_hand: Latest Blogs

How community detection can now be your superhero for masterful feature engineering.

Why Supply Chain Disruptions Are a Data Problem

Build TigerGraph in 6 Steps with an Anatomical Comparison

Insurance Graph + AI Enablement

TigerGraph Releases New Benchmark Report

:mega: Events

[Thursday, April 28th] Do you know who has your money? The impact of risk on us all - TigerGraph & The Payments Business

[Saturday, April 30th] Learn How To Use TigerGraph For IOT And Supply Chain Purposes: Part 2
Missed Part 1? No need to worry! You can view it HERE.
IoT devices produce a lot of data. While that information is often useful on its own, the real value comes from the combination of multiple IoT data sources to better understand a system as a whole. Graph specializes in combining multiple data sources to gain deeper knowledge than could be gleaned from any single source.

  • An overview of Graph Databases and the differences from Relational Databases
  • Getting started with setting up a TigerGraph Solution
  • Design your IoT TigerGraph Solution:
    • Setting up your schema
    • Map and Load your data
    • Running basic queries to show how IoT and graph work together

[Thursday, May 5th] Using Graph-Based Features To Get A Quantum Leap In Fraud Detection Rates
This talk will explore how graph databases can help improve your AI-based detection systems and give you tools for intelligent investigation, transforming your ability to respond to fraud and sending a strong message to organized criminals to leave your bank alone.

[Wednesday, May 18th - Thursday, May 19th] Google Cloud Ground School
Dive deep into Google Cloud with 2 days of immersive content, speakers, and Google Cloud superstars.

[Wednesday, May 25th] Finding Better Answers and Making Discoveries using Graph Analytics and TigerGraph
In the talk, we will introduce graph analytics – what is graph-structured data and how it helps to reveal new insights and to boost the quality of applications from fraud detection and recommendation to supply chain/routing optimization and therapeutic drug design. We’ll then look at the computational workload for different types of graph analytics and see where hardware choices can make a significant difference in the performance, impact, and value of graph analytics.

:coffee: TigerGraph Graphé

Bring your coffee and talk directly with our engineers every Tuesday on Discord. During Graphé hours, we talk about all things graph, answer questions about graph modeling, GSQL programming, and more!

Upcoming sessions:

  • Tuesday, April 26th @ 7 am PST - Discord
  • Tuesday, May 3rd @ 7 am PST - Discord

:bar_chart: Trending Datasets

Daily Silver Price Historical Data
Daily Silver Historical Data

Aviation/Air Disasters(1919- April 2022)
Dataset is all about the aviation accidents happened in history (1919-2022)

Epic Games Store
Dataset is about the games available on Epic Games Store (2022)

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