API [REST endpoint] to update selected attributes of a vertex/edge


Is there a TG REST end point that we can use to update selected attribute of any vertex or edge.
Say I have a vertex of type: Student with two attributes as name , email and Id.

for one of the vertex with Id Student001 I want to just update name.
Can I use any pre-built end points to do this selective update ?

Hi kapilsaini!

All vertex uploads are performed as an upsert meaning any values not currently present in the graph will be created, and any values currently existing in the graph will be updated.

You can use the upsert data to graph endpoint to upsert your updated data. As a bonus, you only need to provide a value for the attribute that you are trying to update.

Going off your example, the JSON that you could provide to update Student001’s name would look like this:

 "vertices": {
    "Student": {
      "Student001": {
        "name": {
           "value": Tiffany
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