Any "fresh" JDBC driver?

I see a driver that is 2 years old:

On the other hand, in one of the posts a few months ago there was a note, that TigerGraph is working on a “proper” JDBC connector (How to connect TigerGraph to Tableau - #2 by Jon_Herke):

TigerGraph is working on a full fledged JBDC connector that will be designed specifically for integrating into Tableau, but that is under development and isn’t set to be released for ~2 months. 

Is there any news there?

Is using HTTP requests the fastest way to query the database, for now?

Hi @gruby_karol,

Thanks for asking this question; the JDBC connector has been top of mind and we are in the process of evaluating requirements but do not currently have a date for when the update will be released. We expect that it will be completed and released within the first part of 2022.


Hi @gruby_karol

Wanted to make sure you saw the updates to ecosys/tools/etl/tg-jdbc-driver at master · tigergraph/ecosys · GitHub