Tigergraph is incompatible with Ali Cloud host and tgdb always is crashed

I need some technical support, please help to provide the best solution, thank you,I hope tigergraph can run stably to replace the modeling of neo4j.
The issue is as follow:
TigerGraph version 3.6 database installed on Ali virtual machine server,when I imported 400+ node relationships, and then the tg db is crashed every 1-2 hours,the detailed log and Ali virtual machine configuration are as follows:8C32G , please help to provide the best solution, thank you.

Hi @Amelia! Please refer to this community forum question to get more information about using Alibaba with TigerGraph and the crashing issues you are having.

My recommendation would be follow this troubleshooting guide Troubleshooting Guide :: TigerGraph Server

At the very end of the documentation it states if you’re still unable to resolve the issue after following the steps to create a Support Ticket with TigerGraph Support Engineering team.