Install in unpriviliged environement


I want to do some experiments with tiger graph on a cluster where I don’t have root access. The installation instructions state: “If sudo privilege is not available, please contact TigerGraph support for workarounds.”

Since I don’t have a support contract, I thought I’d try my luck here. Does someone know about any workarounds to deploy tiger graph in an unprivileged environment? It is not intended for any sort of production use, so it can be a bit hacky. I just want to play around with a tiger graph cluster if possible.

Thanks in advance!

Hi jkleine,

The ability to officially run TG in this manner has been deprecated, but you may be able to get it to work by modifying scripts in the installer package to not require sudo. Previously, you also had to install all nodes as “single-node” install, then join them into a cluster manually via the following article: Loading...

Other recommendations I would have is to run a TG instance via:

Technical Support Engineer | TigerGraph

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