How to use set method on BitwiseOrAccum with custom bit size when it's the "value" in a map accumulator? (3.5 or greater version)

I’d like to set the BitwiseOrAccum to BitwiseOrAccum<128> (so I’m using 128 bit). But the syntax is different and I cannot figure out how to set it in the map.

Normally you’d do this:
s.@map += (t.TotalCount-> (1 << t.@Id))

But this new feature is different in 3.5 and greater. I cannot figure out how to do the set on a BitwiseOrAccum when I set the bit size

Hi, can you post a bit more of your code? You mention the use of BitwiseOrAccum and your sample shows a map, but it would be helpful to see the accumulators being declared. For instance, is it a MapAccum contained a nested BitwiseOrAccum?

This doesn’t work because the MAP can’t have a bitwiseoraccum that isn’t defualt sized it seems:
CREATE QUERY Basic128BitMapBitwiseAccum(/* Parameters here /) FOR GRAPH MyGraph {
Write query logic here */
PRINT “Basic128BitMapBitwiseAccum works!”;
BitwiseOrAccum<128> @@bAnd128;
MapAccum<INT,BitwiseOrAccum<128>> @@map;

Remove the @@map and you can install it. otherwise it fails with some type of parsing exception.