I have a query of creating segmentation, in which I saw a weird thing, can you please help me out , how can I debug this and recently I moved my all TG cloud GSQL to AWS machine TIGERGRAPH set up with Docker, (3.5.0) and here the problem which i observed is

CREATE QUERY hello_world2(/* Parameters here */) FOR GRAPH clientC_retail_analytics { 
  /* Write query logic here */ 
  INSERT INTO profile_attribute_segment (PRIMARY_ID, label) VALUES ("maleShoppers", "Male Shoppers");
  INSERT INTO segment_types (PRIMARY_ID, label) VALUES ("generic", "Generic");
  PRINT "hello_world2 works!"; 

by giving the name of “maleShoppers” and “generic”, the vertex wont be create in the database, and query wont return any kind of error in the console of Admin Studio and when I change the name to other names like genericss and Male Shoppersss in PRIMARY ID field the vertex are creating in DB,

Note here I checked already there is no vertex having the name of generic or maleShoppers

and same insert statement i copied in my TG cloud 3.5.0
then same query works.

Question here is where i can got the exact logs for this , Is this my query runs successful or not


@Team please guide from where I can get the exact log location (what is the actual error why vertex is not created), I know that in graph we have a upsert operation , but with that name there is no vertex in that vertex type, (But with the same name in another vertex type, vertex is created)

@pkr2 The best place to learn about logs is the Troubleshooting Guide :: TigerGraph Server

Using the gadmin log command you can find the file location to all the logs.

As for why “generic” doesn’t work as a Primary Id and other string values do work, I’m not sure. I would need to poke around in the logs to see what is happening underneath.